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Repair & Installation

When we talk about our washers and dryers we need to take the time to appreciate how much easier they make our lives. Without proper maintenance we could be facing costly repairs or replacement. Listed below you will find many hints to help you extend the life of your appliances.

There are many reasons why your washing machine or dryer could be out of order let us find the problem for you and fix it to give you peace of mind!

Before choosing to buy a new appliance please contact us for advise. Whether you are worried about a leak, water not draining correctly from your washer or your dryer isn’t heating, call the experts at MaxService, we will be there to help.


  • Do not cram clothes into your washing machine or dryer overloading them. Even if you’re in a rush take the time to separate loads. It will save you money in the long run. Overloading the machine can cause damage to the motor, belts or other moving parts.
  • Inspect your washer’s hoses, monthly to verify that there aren’t any kinks, cracks or bubbles.
  • Washing machines sometimes need to be washed themselves, clean the interior and the dispensers to keep it smelling fresh. Wipe down the doors and the gasket this will also help with any odors. Also about once a month run an empty load with hot water and your choice of any washing machine cleaner.
  • Leave the door of the washing machine open after doing a load, this will help with any lingering odors in your next wash.
  • Use the proper detergent, if you have a washing machine that requires HE detergent, use the right detergent for your machine.
  • Don’t slam the doors of your washer, this could damage the door switch, lid or other.
  • Your dryer isn’t heating? The lint filter may be clogged. Cleaning the lint filter should be done after every load; too often we find dryers damaged due to this reason. Not only could it be dangerous for your machine. It is a fire hazard, so please don’t forget to clean the lint trap.
  • Another reason your dryer isn’t heating could be due to poor air flow. Check the dryer vents and if necessary, clean them out.
  • Clean the moisture sensor inside the dryer at least once a month. The dryer sheets leave a film on the sensor that will distort drying times, it can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol.
  • Make sure your machines are balanced and leveled.

We also offer Installation for most major brands of Washers and Dryers. Front loads, top load and stacked.

we fix all major brands
and most gas brands