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Repair & Installation

There are many great benefits to owning a Gas Range. The heating process for a gas range is much faster than an electric one. Gas burners allow instant changes in heat while cooking due to the flame not needing time to heat up or cool down. Gas ranges are also cost effective , gas is generally cheaper than electricity and so even if your gas range initally costs more than an electric range you will end up saving money on your utility bill in the long run. You can use the top burners of your gas range even if you don’t have electricity, gas ranges will work even when the power is out in your home. Simply manually ignite the burners with a match or lighter and you’re ready to use your range.

At MaxService we specialise in gas appliance repair and installation, we are certified and can help you with all your repair and installation needs.


  • Before you start cleaning your stove unplug your range and turn off the gas.
  • Grates should be washed regularly with hot soapy water they should be soaked and then rinsed, make sure to dry them well before putting them back.
  • Soak the burners and burner caps as well, it will be easier to remove the stuck on grease.
  • Keep the burner channels clean, take off the burner caps, use a pipe cleaner or a straw to clean out the small metal channels. Do not use a wooden toothpick as it could get stuck and break in the channels.
  • Never pour water onto the gas stove.
  • Use a mild cleaner on your gas stove such as dish soap and vinegar these are the ideal options. Together dish soap and vinegar can dissolve almost anything built up on your grate and other stove components. Stove cleaners contain harsh chemicals and could possibly damage certain elements of your stove.
  • It’s recommended that gas appliances receive regular service to ensure that they are at their full working capacity and are safe to use.

Burners not producing heat anymore? pilot light keeps going out?
There could be many reasons why your gas stove is not working anymore, MaxService can help. This is our specialty!

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