Electric & induction cooktop

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Repair & Installation

Electric and induction cooktops are very convenient appliances that are truly an essential part of the kitchen. Simple to use and easy to clean it’s no question why they are popular choices in the kitchen.

MaxService provides our clients with professional repair and installation for electric and induction cooktops.

Electric & Induction COOKTOP CARE

  • When cleaning a smooth electric or induction cooktop use proper cleaning tools, never use anything abrasive as this could damage the glass. Use a soft cloth and or paper towels with a cream cleaning solution and a razor blade if necessary.
  • Always make sure the underneath of your pans are properly cleaned , dirty pans can leave residue on the cooktop. Also to prevent scratches on your cooktop avoid dragging the pots and pans.
  • Avoid leaving spills linger on the cooktop this can leave permanent stains and damage it.
  • To help minimize clean up time use properly sized pots to avoid boil overs which causes staining of the cooktop.
  • If your cooktop is not a sealed glass cooktop and you probabaly have electric elements it’s important to also clean under these, it’s easy to forget to do so because its not always visible.

For repair or installation MaxService has the expertise to help you.

we fix all major brands
and most gas brands